Which output formats are supported by ClipGrab?


MPEG4 is nowadays the most popular video format. It is compatible with almost all devices and players and is also the best choice for downloading videos to your iPad or iPhone.
Many videos, e.g. HD videos from YouTube or Vimeo, are in fact already provided in the MPEG4 format. That means if you select MPEG4 as an output format, you will get the crystal-clear original quality of your video because ClipGrab will intelligently recognize the input format and not perform any superfluous conversions.


MP3 is an all-purpose audio format and a great choice if you only want to download the audio track of a video.


Another popular video format is WMV (Windows Media Movie). It is mostly used by the Windows Media Player but there are also many devices and other programs supporting WMV.

OGG Vorbis & OGG Theora

If you are a fan of Open Source and open standards, you might prefer to use these formats developed by Xiph Foundation.
OGG Vorbis is a popular audio file format, OGG Theora, on the other hand, is the corresponding video format.

Original format

You want the highest possible quality for your video downloads? Then select “Original format” and your download will not be converted at all. The output file will be, depending on the source, MPEG4, FLV or WebM.

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